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The European fashion design concept is adopted to make the product look beautiful, fashionable, smooth and humanized.
All these have brought exciting choices to customers, and at the same time, the convenience of operation and maintenance has been greatly improved.
Careful attention to every detail ensures that the products rank first in the domestic market with the best quality and are in a leading position in the world.
The lubrication system adopts automatic multi-point lubrication technology, one-to-one lubrication, with better performance and longer service life of vulnerable parts. The electrical components come from Schneider and LG, and the reliability of the electrical control system has been greatly improved.
The cylinder seals are made by Parker. The S pipe valve is integrally cast with high manganese steel, and the wear surface is welded with wear-resistant materials, which has dual advantages of high pressure resistance and wear resistance. The spectacle plate and cutting ring are made of hard alloy inlay, which is durable. Piston: The piston is made of imported materials by precision processing. It has excellent qualities of hydrolysis resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance.
Automatic protection technology: diesel engine startup protection, electrical system fault and short circuit protection, diesel engine automatic protection when water temperature is too high and oil pressure is too low, diesel engine speed limit protection, quick stop button.
More reliable service quality, thus saving your costs. We have a high-quality after-sales service team, rich knowledge and experience, complete equipment, ready to provide services for your equipment.

Model HBC80
Driving system Chassis brand/ model FAW  Jiefang
Fuel type Diesel
Tyre model 9.00
Axle base m 4.2
quantity of axles 2
Max. driving speed Km/h 100
wheel base(front/back) mm 1530/1600
 Pumping system Brand of diesel engine Yuchai engine
Diesel engine power KW 181
Driving mode Hydraulic driving
Main pump Korea Handock
Oil cylinder inner diameter × stroke mm Ф125×Ф80×1200
Concrete cylinder inner diameter × stroke mm  Ф230×1450
Oil pressure of system MPa 32
Switch of H-pressure and L-pressure Equipped
Theoretical pumping pressure Mpa H-pressure 16
Mpa L-pressure 10
Theoretical pumping frequency times/min H-pressure 8
times/min L-pressure 18
Theoretic Pumping distance m Max. Vertical 120
m Max. Horizontal 300
Fuel tank capacity L 180
Hydraulic Oil tank capacity L 200
Cooling mode of hydraulic system Fan cooling
Max. theoretical capacity m3/h H-pressure 60
m>3/h L-pressure 80
Pumping distance (H-pressure) Max. Horizontal m 125A pipe 300
Max. Vertical m 125A pipe 120
Hopper capacity m3 0.6
Feeding height mm ≤1300
Concrete slump cm 14~23
Max. aggregate diameter mm Crushed stone:40 / Pebble:50
Valve S Valve
Lubrication mode Automatic
Overall dimension Total Length×total Width×total height(mm) mm 7200×2100×2750
Full-load total weight Kg 12500

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