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  • Please check the 17 “golden rules” of the mixer driver!

    Please check the 17 “golden rules” of the mixer driver!

    The mixer is a special vehicle. Not all drivers who can drive can drive the mixer. Improper operation will cause rollover, excessive wear of hydraulic pump, motor and reducer, and even serious consequences. 1. Before starting the mixer truck, put the operating handle of the mixing drum at the ...
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  • The pumping distance of high-grade concrete is always insufficient. What should we do?

    1. Before pumping, the equipment shall be fully inspected ① The main system pressure can be adjusted to 32MPa, mainly considering the high pumping pressure and overflow of the main safety valve. ② The displacement of the main oil pump shall be adjusted to the minimum, the pressure of the sequence...
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  • Do you know how to adjust the pumping capacity of concrete pump truck?

    It is of great significance to adjust the pumping speed according to the different construction conditions in the actual operation process. The following methods are usually used to change the pumping displacement, as compared below: 1. Mechanical adjustment Change the pumping displacement by cha...
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