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29m Pump Truck The Novel Design Sells First In The World

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Category Project unit 29m
Chassis model   ZZ5190M
Manufacturer   Shaanxi Automobile Co., Ltd.
Wheel base mm 5200  4700
Engine output power Kw/(rpm) 206/2300
Emission standard   country V
Pumping system Maximum theoretical throughput (HP/LP) m3/h 66/111
Maximum outlet pressure (HP/LP) MPa 9.5/5.6 MPa 9.5/5.6
Pumping frequency (high pressure/low pressure) Times/min 19/32
Diameter of concrete delivery cylinder × trip mm Φ230×1400
Feeding height mm 1200
Boom structural style   5RZ
Reachable height/depth/radius of boom m 37/26/33
Slewing angle degree



Hydraulic unit High and low voltage switching mode   Electronically controlled automatic
Displacement control   Electric proportional displacement
Lubrication method   Manual hydraulic
Vehicle parameters Overall dimensions (length × wide × High) mm 9900×2496×3700
Vehicle mass KG 1900


Excellent electronic control system

1. The boom has undergone 800000 times of anti fatigue tests. Each weld has undergone non-destructive testing. Two one-way balance valves are used to ensure the construction safety of the boom. The Z-shaped structure of the boom is designed to reduce the extension space, make the boom support safer, and reduce the jitter during operation.
2. It can work at full load for a long time, and the main components will not be damaged, overloaded or overheated after 24 hours of continuous work.
3. The quality of structural parts is good, and the boom, machine body, outrigger and turntable will not be broken, cracked or deformed within one year.
4. Pumping mechanism: 200X1400 delivery cylinder, outlet pressure: 13MPa, better suction performance, long pumping distance and high efficiency.
5. The motion controller (microcomputer) replaces the traditional PLC control mode, and the system runs stably with lower failure rate.
6. Double accumulators are adopted for more powerful pumping and more stable system operation.
7. The external design of turret conveying pipe improves the efficiency of repair and maintenance by 50% - 70%; Integral shaft sleeve, high structural strength, high reliability, simple assembly and disassembly;
8. Modular design of electrical system hardware, few components and high reliability
9. With the fuel consumption automatic matching power mode, the engine always works in the economic fuel consumption area, saving 25% of fuel
10. The machine has sufficient power and is suitable for driving on complex and muddy roads.

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