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What is the difference between a novice and an experienced pump worker?

1. When I was an apprentice, I wanted to touch the pump truck when I saw it, and I wanted to hit the pump when I dreamed; At present, we are determined not to fight for jobs that cannot be done, and there are fewer and fewer jobs that we dare to do.

2. After one year of pumping, I felt that my skills were excellent, and I could do all kinds of work; Three years later, I received all the monthly jobs. I saw many accidents and knew that any coincidence could happen. I was careful about my work.

3. I used to think that every time the price was low, more jobs could make money; Now that the pumping price is too low, we know that it is really hurting others but not benefiting ourselves. The money I got in exchange for my life only paid a starting maintenance fee.

4. I used to think it was OK to occasionally violate the rules when pumping; Now we know that the relationship between contingency and inevitability only lies in the difference in the number of times, and it has little to do with good or bad luck. Sometimes it is fatal to break the rules, but only once is enough.

5. In the past, when doing work, they always expected small workers to carry sleepers, and they would never get off the train; Now even if the small workers are not in place, they will quietly put the outriggers on the sleepers. It is better to suffer a loss than to have an accident.

6. Once you were complained or scolded by a small worker, you must come back to see the difference; Now, at most, he just endured silently, afraid that it was he who made some mistakes when he was working.

7. I used to think that there was no rule breaking operation in the field of pumping. After being injured once, I realized that those who said this had never been in the hospital. Only when they struggled to the edge of life and death did I know the value of life.

8. In the past, I thought that others were operating illegally, so I wanted to educate them; Now I feel that it is most effective to educate myself not to be like him.

Post time: Oct-18-2022